Month: April 2017

In my bathroom: leg and feet clay detox.

clay detox for legs and feet

Good morning! Two days ago I started a feet and legs clay detox with powdered clay and clay lotion with horse chestnuts. And do you know what’s absolutely lovely? To wake up on a sunny day, smelling like lemongrass with your legs rested and rejuvenated.

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In my kitchen: Chili Infused Olive Oil.

chili infused olive oil

Good morning! Have you ever looked at all the pretty pictures in magazines or different blogs of infused olive oil, thinking: I really want to eat arugula and feta cheese pizza and add some chili infused olive oil on it? Or you just took bread fresh out of the oven and realized you’d need rosemary infused olive oil because that would be just the perfect snack? Honestly, I did. Many times before. Even as I’m writing this, I’m getting hungry.

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How to: Wild Garlic Pesto Spread

wild garlic pesto spread vegan

Wild morning to you! How are you? Look what I had for breakfast: vegan sausages, wild garlic pesto spread with toasted bread, and a bit of leek! I have been cooking and smelling the flowers on my terrace and in the garden and I am grateful to wake up here every day.

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Overnight Tropical Oatmeal: simple take-away breakfast.

overnight tropical oatmeal jar

Good morning! Need a little extra color in your life? Here is an idea for you: make overnight tropical oatmeal for breakfast. If you refuse to get up an hour earlier each morning only to make something to eat, what could be better than having a delicious jar full of color to go? Prepare an overnight oatmeal; it’s one of the easiest and yummiest breakfast ideas we could possibly think of.

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Wild garlic picking and keeping: where, how and why?

wild garlic blossoms

Good morning! Guess what I did the previous weekend? I went wild garlic picking! And you should too. In case you’re already familiar with this forest plant you know how healthy it is. Not only that it detoxes your body after the long cold winter, it is also very delicious and I’m surprised I’ve managed to (accidentally) ignore it for so many years.

Before I get into more wild garlic pros, however, let me write a short ode to spring first. Have you noticed, how nature is going wild with greenery and blossoms all around? It’s such a relief to walk around, observing flowers blooming and forests coating into 50 shades of green. Even the simple small dandelions I picked a few days ago are wild with the rich and lush yellow color, greeting me happily every time I step out on the terrace. Read More