Top 5 Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes

Wild morning to you! Infused water season is here! Make a pitcher of an infused water at home with only a few ingredients. This way you can trick yourself into drinking more water, stay hydrated with only healthy combos! Choose from a mixture of herbs, spices, and fruits.

Here is my selection of top 5 infused waters for this month:

Grapefruit & Rosemary

This is a beautiful combo. Grapefruit and rosemary: yum! As fresh as it gets, I found out simple herbs and a lemon or lime are the best way to hydrate and replace water. I love water, but it needs a kick or two from time to time. Source: Wholefully

Blueberry & Lavender

Refreshing blueberries and fragrant lavender. What more could you ask for? Now I know what my new infused water pitcher will look like since lavender is all around here. Source: Enjoy Natural Health

Rose, Lemon & Strawberry

I am not kidding; this is beautiful. Combine the smell of roses (soothig and gentle) with a lemon kick and some sweet strawberry. Source: Wallflower kitchen

Watermelon & Basil

ย Refreshing, sweet and herby. This watermelon with basil thing seems a bit no-no (I am not a big fan of weird fruit-veg combo), but this one was the one missing in my fridge until now. It’s pretty much a must! Source: Belle of the Kitchen

Rainbow Infused Water

Last but not least, if you find yourself without any ideas and too much fruit, make a rainbow infused water and combine all that you have, whether cucumbers, lime, thyme, oranges, lime, berries, anything you want, really. Source: Salt & Lavender

infused water recipes

What is your favourite infused water? Feel free to share some ideas!

Stay wild!


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