In my bathroom: leg and feet clay detox.

Good morning! Two days ago I started a feet and legs clay detox with powdered clay and clay lotion with horse chestnuts. And do you know what’s absolutely lovely? To wake up on a sunny day, smelling like lemongrass with your legs rested and rejuvenated.

Let me tell you a short story. Last year I spent working as a waitress and a bartender in various places. I lived not too far from work, but since it was not a walking distance, I was always on my pretty red bicycle, trying to find my sleepy way around early morning traffic and late afternoon rush hours. I was on my feet approximately 8 hours a day. Plus, the extra cycling time. Now, I know I am not the only one. The thing is, in a few places they already gave us the uniforms, shoes included. You know what that means, right? Not all shoes are comfy and the companies didn’t really want to spend too much on their workers, so that meant shitty, uncomfortable shoes that stank and were a pain to walk around in. The number of things I tried, was incredible; cooling lotions, hot baths, cool baths, legs in the air, extra exercise; nothing happened. Even though I haven’t really been working regularly lately, my legs still ache.

This weekend was a holiday weekend. My mom invited me over for lunch where she made all sorts of delicious food; she always goes out of her way to please everybody (and she’s a really good cook!). And not only that, I got a present, a holiday treat! She brought me a lemongrass clay body lotion that smells so gentle yet so nice! I don’t need to use any perfumes because this is just about enough. I put it on last night and as I’m writing this, I can still smell it. Lovely! But to be honest, it’s not the lotion I want to talk about, but about the bag of powdered clay in my bathroom and the wild chestnut and clay leg lotion.

powdered clay detox

Powdered clay and a chestnut lotion.

What is a clay detox?

What is this leg detox with clay, you’re wondering?  It is a daily procedure; I soak my legs in hot water each night for 10 minutes exactly. Then I wash them a bit to rinse off the clay, dry them with a towel and put on the chestnut lotion. I was told to do this for a month, so somewhere around the end of May, I should be able to tell you whether the treatment had any successful results. Given the fact that I do believe in the positive clay attributes, and both my mom and my sister have already tried this procedure, my legs should feel rejuvenated. I mean, with all the ingredients there are, seriously, it’s as good as it gets:

How and why can a clay detox be helpful?

Using clay for healing dates back to the ancient Mesopotamia. We can use it to detox our bodies, to clean wounds, cuts, or even as a facial mask to renovate and cleanse the skin. Basically, we can drink it, or apply it directly to the problematic area of the skin. Stick around for a thorough post on clay, its attributes, and tips on how to use it on a regular basis.

Clay remains disposal

The only thing I need to pay attention to is that I don’t pour the remains of the clay into the toilet or sink, as it can clog it. Therefore, each morning my next door neighbor greets me with a weird smile, as I pour the clay away into one of the drains on our street (I live in a house). My mom said that she poured away the water and threw the clay in the trash (spooning it from the bucket). I’ve heard people complaining about clay clogging their sinks, but the thing is, it wasn’t the clay’s fault, it was theirs.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!



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