Refreshing Mint Brain Booster Strawberry Smoothie

Wild morning to you! Mint is a great addition to any drink really, but I love mine especially (apart from mojito, obviously) in this refreshing strawberry smoothie. Yay for mint! Make this quick and simple smoothie, add a bit of oatmeal to it and the breakfast is ready!

I’ve been in love with mint for many a year. I’ve just never had balcony garden before (well, aart from Spain last year) and I’m so excited to take care of all the plants that grow here. My mint, among them. This is my mint. Isn’t it pretty? I’m not quite sure which type of mint it is, I just know it’s not peppermint. Did you know that there are over 600 species of mint around the world? It’s no wonder I don’t know.

mint plant

My little mint in a pot!

but! Eat your mint! It’s good for you. It promotes digestion, it’ll make your mouth fresh and harmful bacteria-less, it can ease suffering during an allergy season. If you chew it, your memory should improve big time! (I have zero evidence about this one, but feel free to try it out and let me know).

Strawberries. Lovely, fragrant and photogenic. But buy them organic, or wash them properly with white vinegar and water to clean them of pesticides and other forms of dirt.

fresh strawberries

Fresh strawberries

Apart from this, strawberries should make your body smile! They boost immune system, regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and help regulate nervous system. Pretty cool, huh?

Bananas yum! Beautiful bananas that are pretty mush useful all around, whether for smoothies, bread, nice creams, desserts. I used to dislike bananas big time. It’s only been about a few years and I’m a big fan! I can’t imagine not having bananas in my diet.


Filling bananas!

Eat your bananas for stronger bones, for a natural relief during those days in the month. If you need help with weight loss, constipation, burns, eat a banana! Banana a day keeps a doctor at bay!

strawberry smoothie

Gorgeous smoothie for a gorgeous mindset!

Seriously, it’s the simplest recipe, this strawberry smoothie. You need 4 basic ingredients:

  • some mint
  • a banana
  • delicious strawberries
  • a blender

mint strawberry smoothie

What are your favourite strawberry drinks?

Stay wild!






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Refreshing Strawberry Mint Smoothie
Perfect creamy and refreshing breakfast to kick off your day.
mint strawberry banana smoothie
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Vegan
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Vegan
mint strawberry banana smoothie
  1. Put everything in the blender (not the chia), add an optional ice cube. Blend everything until smooth and creamy, scraping down sides as needed. Pour in the glass, sprinkle with chia seeds. Drink and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

* I usually omit the ice since I drink my smoothies in the morning and I don't like too much cold on an empty stomach.
* Replace water with coconut water, if you wish. I make my smoothies plain and simple: either water or non-dairy milk (for the chocolate editions) and I always add extra stuff on the side (such as chia, coconut flakes, spirulina...).
* I added Cocoa Butter into this smoothie; normally I just add two smaller pieces, since I don't want the cocoa flavor to prevail, but it's really up to you.

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