Spirulina detox: 10 reasons to drink spirulina every day

Wild morning! Going clean and restoring the mind and the body with natural and organic ingredients seemed a good way to boost my energy, which is why I started adding green powders to my diet for a proper January spirulina detox with smoothies and juices. Have you ever wondered why should you drink a slimy dark green smoothie that smells like grass? Here’s are my favorite 10 reasons for a spirulina detox:

1.      Boosts the immune system

Because of its rich nutritional value, spirulina boosts our immune system. This type of algae contains a lot of nutritional fiber, various vitamins, such as beta-carotene (vitamin A), B-complex vitamins (including vitamin B12), vitamins E, D and K, as well as minerals (iron, calcium, and magnesium). A lot of spirulina’s powerful benefits come from chlorophyll. This is one of my favorite natural and organic ingredients that also aid whenever I’m dealing with fatigue and skin problems.

2.      A natural detox the body needs

This is (besides bentonite clay, my love) one of the best natural and organic ingredients known to alkalize the body. Spirulina boosts the elimination of toxic components from our bodies. There are various researches and studies that prove that spirulina was able to remove heavy metals from the system. Form this reason or another, I make my own spirulina detox drinks now and again, because I actually have felt some changes in the long run.

3.      Spirulina can improve mood as well as memory

Spirulina contains amino acids (especially L-tryptophan) that influence the production of melatonin and serotonin. Not only you can eliminate harmful components from the body with spirulina detox; this type of blue-green algae can also balance brain chemistry, which leads to improved mood, better memory, and general brain health.

spirulina detox

4.      A natural boost for healthy skin and hair

Rich in antioxidants, spirulina is one of those natural and organic ingredients that can, by themselves improve skin and hair health. The whole package of chlorophyll, spirulina detox properties, essential fatty acids and vitamins, and minerals is a powerful combo that influences the anti-aging process, healthy, shiny hair and rejuvenation of the skin. Whether you’re looking for a skin toner, healthy nails or hair growth formula, spirulina apparently has it all. I prefer to drink it, but a homemade spirulina face mask can work wonders as well.

5.      Spirulina can lower cholesterol levels

Spirulina lowers cholesterol levels (according to several studies such as this one). In another study, spirulina was found beneficial for preventing hardening arteries (because of high cholesterol level). Moreover, this type of algae has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. spirulina may also reduce blood pressure.

6.      A natural remedy for menstrual pain

Due to its nutritional content, spirulina can be considered as a natural remedy to menstrual pain. This type of algae is able to boost our hormone levels, aid with fatigue and cramps- the nasty symptoms of going through period. Apparently, the main cause of a painful period is the lack of chlorophyll (which you can read more about in the next paragraph). Another vital thing that might ease that uncomfortable time of the month is magnesium. Chlorophyll is made of magnesium, which can reduce your levels quite naturally, but with all other benefits of spirulina at the same time.

spirulina detox smoothie

7.      Chlorophyll makes cells healthy and happy

First thing’s first: what is chlorophyll? Between you and me, chlorophyll to plants is what blood is to us, humans. It’s a molecule that provides the plants with their green color. I know, we’re not plants and we already have our own blood. Why would we need chlorophyll? Well, as simple as that: chlorophyll provides extra oxygen to our cells and in order for the cells to be healthy, they need their ventilation and fresh dosage of oxygen. The more oxygen they get, the healthier they are. And above all this, chlorophyll is very similar in structure to hemoglobin (a protein that carries oxygen around our bodies), which means that chlorophyll boosts the production of hemoglobin in our bodies.

8.      Spirulina fights allergies

While there are different types of allergies and surely spirulina has not been tested for all, there are, on the other hand, a lot of testimonials (which I found on Amazon) that spirulina actually eases and helps with the allergies. Several studies have proven that spirulina reduces allergic rhinitis. Consuming spirulina on a daily basis should improve the overall state of an allergy.

9.      A natural boost of energy

As a natural source of antioxidants and iron, which are the two basic components when it comes to necessary energy boost, spirulina is a must-have for me. Lack of iron can cause fatigue and exhaustion, the lack of antioxidants gives way to oxidative stress, inflammation, and damage to cells. I prefer spirulina to many other products (I drink coffee for the whole process of coffee, not an energy boost) because it is one of a very few natural and organic ingredients that I discovered that make me feel good. The only thing I will be more careful about next time when I get spirulina is to get it in tablets because the taste is still yucky and I don’t make smoothies every day.

10.      A natural aid with candida

Spirulina has a positive effect on our microbiota, which basically means that it promotes a healthy gut. A healthy gut is equal to no candida because candida cannot thrive in a healthy environment. This is another reason why a spirulina detox may be necessary from now and again. After all, the core of our health lies in the gut and the healthier we are, the better we feel. And another thing: spirulina will aid in removing the candida from the body.

What’s your favorite way to detox? Have you ever considered spirulina detox?

Stay wild!

spirulina detox 10 reasons to drink spirulina every day

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