WfN June favourites: Weekend wishes + start of summer goals

Every now and then I need to take a step back and just breathe a little. Don’t know about you, but losing the grip on reality is not so difficult to achieve. And then it all goes rollercoaster-like wild with life’s demands and expectations and I find myself wondering when it was the last time I’ve done something for myself by myself.

coffee cup

From this exact reason I decided to actually make goals for each month of this summer. To write them down and work on them, you know, actually work on them, not just have them written down because the paper looks good or my handwriting improved. I am hoping that they will somehow remind me that the summer is here and I really do like summers (ok, I like every season in its own way really, but right now I just really like summer, if you know what I mean).

My point: I don’t want this summer to slip away too fast, so taking photos and making short journals about these activities hopefully will make it go by more slowly than the previous one.

My other point: I don’t work regularly and spend a lot of time at home (working on this blog, that is) and yet I fail to actually take a me-time on a regular basis. With the help of this list, I hope that will (should) change as well. And since it is Friday, I’ve also made a list of all things pretty currently residing on my wishlist.

weekend wishes

– WfN June goals –

  1. learn and pass Chinese test (yes, I’ve been learning Chinese for a few months now).
  2. Make nice cream (a proper coconut one with something yummy, hopefully. Peaches, perhaps?).
  3. Go on a photo trip (to test and try out the new camera).
  4. Make self-tan oil (this is a hugely impossible project, but it’s in the process of making actually!).
  5. Swim! Go swimming as often as I can (it’s too hot to have a regular exercise, so this is the next best thing on my list; I love the smell of the sea, and how my muscles just get relaxed in the water. The skin is a bit salty afterwards and I can really feel cleansed and free; don’t you?).
  6. Finish the two books I’m reading at the moment.
  7. Plant calendula (I’m a bit late with this one, but I got the seeds not too long ago and at the moment the small and not-too-leafy plants are all in one pot).
  8. A thing a day for self-improvement or happiness (anything I want really, just to unwind a bit and make my soul feel relaxed: go for a walk, color or draw, look at photos of distant places, make a collage…). Update: I’ve made body scrub (a few, actually) you can read about it in the following post.
  9. Make terrace candle holders (they should look great with my wildlife of plants, herbs and spices growing there).

chestnut blossoms

– WfN Weekend Wishes –


Ceramic Serving bowl


Day of the Dead bracelettUniqueArtPendants

Handmade ceramic planter


Natural Perfume oilWildPerfume

nautical decor, boat photography

SeptemberWrenSpanish tile printCarmenBrownImages

What are your weekend wishes? Do you take your usual 5-a-day for yourself?

Stay wild!







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