Month: June 2017

Body scrub for a smooth skin: benefits, recommendations & a DIY guide

diy salt and thyme body scrub

Wild morning to you! Lately, I feel as if my skin is under a constant pressure due to too much heat and strong sun. That’s why I decided to make a gentle DIY body scrub with thyme and sea salt. I believe that my skin deserves some extra attention and that’s why today’s post is focused on the benefits of body scrubs. Read More

Simple Sunday: peach + green tea Iskiate (chia fresca)

peach and green tea chia fresca drink

Iskiate or chia fresca is a citrus (lime or lemon) chia drink of the Tarahumara people in Northern Mexico. The word “chia” is a Mayan word for strength; the plant grows in South America and using chia seeds as a drink ingredient is popular in the Central America as well. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic for Hispanic parts of the world, that’s why a spoon of chia (un)intentionally ended up in my drink, as I’ve seen them do it in Bolivia. So here it is, my version of chia fresca for these hot summer days when we’re just too desperate for a refreshment.

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WfN June favourites: Weekend wishes + start of summer goals

weekend wishes

Every now and then I need to take a step back and just breathe a little. Don’t know about you, but losing the grip on reality is not so difficult to achieve. And then it all goes rollercoaster-like wild with life’s demands and expectations and I find myself wondering when it was the last time I’ve done something for myself by myself.

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Stinging nettle and wild garlic spring soup your body will love

stinging nettle wild garlic spring soup

Season of stinging nettles has been here for a while. Use them to make delicious and healthy snacks, meals and drinks any way you’d like! This time I made stinging nettle spring soup with a wild garlic pesto and potatoes. Fresh, delicious, easy and healthy! Read More

8 easy steps to a self-tanned and healthy skin this summer

guide to self-tan, sel-tanning

Summer is here and with it the sun-kissed skin, salty hair, intoxicating smell of pine trees, and roses. And so are the dresses with low back or shirts with thin straps. Bikini and beach time. Romantic getaways and adventures. Want to do summer in style? By the pool with thoughts of distant exotic places, on the beach with splashing waves, or out on the town sipping a cold drink in your fave summer dress. Ready? Here’s a simple guide on how to self-tan for the summer ahead.

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Stinging Nettles picking and keeping: where, how and why?

Wild morning to you. Green is good and stinging nettles are delicious! Have you ever tried it? Easy and simple to make this wild plant only makes trouble when it comes to picking it. It is worth it though since stinging nettle is loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as a perfect detox drink.

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Simple Sunday: Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade

rosemary cucumber lemonade, infused water, refreshment drink

Wild morning to you! Want to stay fresh and hydrated? So do I! That’s why I made cucumber lemonade this morning and I keep drinking it with everything. Also, I’ve gathered here a list of top 5 infused water recipes. I’m not saying that my lemonade isn’t good enough, I’m only saying that diversity is key!

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Top 5 Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes

infused water recipes

Wild morning to you! Infused water season is here! Make a pitcher of an infused water at home with only a few ingredients. This way you can trick yourself into drinking more water, stay hydrated with only healthy combos! Choose from a mixtrure of herbs, spices and fruits. If you prefer, you can also make a lemonade and add extras to it, as I did the other day with Rosemary and Cucumber Infused Lemonade. A bit soury, but it does the trick.

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Refreshing Mint Brain Booster Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry mint smoothie

Wild morning to you! Mint is a great addition to any drink really, but I love mine especially (apart from mojito, obviously) in this refreshing strawberry smoothie. Yay for mint! Make this quick and simple smoothie, add a bit of oatmeal to it and the breakfast is ready!

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