Hello there, you wild thing, and welcome to Wild for Nature, a beauty and DIY skincare blog that delivers tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to tackle skin problems and have fun along the way! My name is Katja, but feel free to call me Kat. I’m thrilled you stopped by!

About Wild for Nature…

Wild for Nature is a site for people who care about the ingredients, want to understand how skincare works, and want to have fun while dealing with skin issues (because formulating doesn’t have to be boring!).

I’ve launched Wild for Nature in 2017 after an important aha! moment when I realized that cosmetic ingredients matter and they can help me make a change! I wanted to share my findings and the things that I was making. Back then, I was all over the place; from healing plants to easy food recipes and detox ideas. Now, I only share articles linked to beauty (from the ingredients to skin issues) and homemade skincare recipes. I post on my blog every Wednesday.

There are so many different ingredients out there and they all play a specific role in each product. I believe it’s extremely important to understand how they work if we want to benefit from the stuff we make and buy.

Now that I understand this concept, I’m able to use the ingredients in my recipes much more efficiently! With learning, testing, and trials, I’ve been able to notice positive changes on my skin (I’ve struggled with acne, oily skin, dark circles, stretch marks…). And you can do it too!

Wild for Nature has turned into a creative resource and a knowledge base for real people who want to know the what, the why, and the how of their products, whether they buy them or make them.

It’s a site that promotes real information rather than promises, connecting people to the resources they need to improve their skincare routine with tips, recipes, and knowledge base that allows them to create a personalized experience and get the most of Wild for Nature.

This blog is turning into a community where we celebrate all skin types and explore the possibilities of how to further nourish it and promote that healthy glow!

With your help, we’re learning how to improve the health of our skin with formulations, fruits of nature, and a spark of shimmer!

WFN believes that feeling beautiful as a whole is the key to achieving happiness and inner peace.

WFN believes that knowledge is power.

This blog supports all things natural, organic, non-GMO.

WFN cares about the environment; recycling, minimal (zero) food waste, reducing plastic waste.

This blog believes in equality of all beings: cruelty-free, fair-trade without any exploitation.

WFN is about creativity and inspiration because boring isn’t productive.

On A More Personal Note. . .

I’m Katja O., the founder of Wild for Nature. I live in an apartment filled with plants, books, and creative mess!

I’m an outgoing introvert, a world wanderer, a bookworm, and a mango addict. In winter I love to spend my free time with a hot cup of green tea, making the mess in the kitchen. In summer, I love to share a pint of beer with friends on the beach.

But a part of my heart will always be with my furry beast Casper, a fuzzy fur ball who loved to chew on my pens and sip green tea from my favorite cup!

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