Is Olive Oil Good For Your Skin And Hair? Why And Why Not…

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Hello there, you wild thing! Are you a fan of olive oil? Are you wondering is olive oil good for your skin?

Similar to coconut oil, olive oil is a staple in many kitchens. But, is it as versatile and effective? We’ve all had our fair share of coconut body scrubs, masks, body butters, and much much more. Can you use olive oil the same way or is it better left where it belongs: in the kitchen?

Let’s explore olive oil skin and hair benefits. How beneficial can it really be? Should you start using it? And what is the best olive oil for skin (if any at all)?!

Using olive oil for skin may seem a strange thing at first. After all, we all normally use olive oil in the kitchen and it’s not one of the most common ingredients to add to DIY skincare. Well, just as coconut oil has taken over our skincare, olive oil should be there somewhere as well, as it’s quite useful and beneficial!

First of all, it’s one of the more affordable carrier oils to use. It’s great for hair care (in hair masks and oils), and body care. It’s quite versatile and easily accessible.

Second of all, you can add it to whipped body butter, use it to prevent stretch marks, hand creams, body scrubs, salves, soapmaking or even as a post-sun and swim oil to nourish the skin and prolong the tan.

So let’s take a dive into the Mediterranean and see how this natural oil can improve your skin and hair!

Olive oil love story

I used to dislike olive oil a lot when I was younger. But then I disliked a lot of things back then and who could blame me, right? Well, I discovered the beauty of olive oil when I went to Greece once and they drowned everything in olive oil over there; toasted bread, cheeses, sauces, tomatoes and basil, simple summer salads…it was yum and fresh, and delicious!

I got into olive oil after that and oh, don’t I adore it! On my toast and on my face, either way, it makes me happy. Still, I do neglect it from time to time, that’s why I wanted to dedicate a post to olive oil skin and hair benefits since winter always makes sure my skin need extra attention. (like, a lot!)

Natures Fruits olive oil

Traditionally, olive trees (on which olives grow that give us tasty golden elixir) are native to the Mediterranean. The olive has a botanical name of Olea europaea, which I’m going to mention again in this post. There are a number of different species of olives, so not all olive oil is of the same taste. Also, its flavor depends on the altitude, time of harvest and extraction process.

Olive oil skin and hair benefits

Olive oil has plenty of health benefits, but I’m not going to focus on that here. What I wanted to say is that olive oil contains a lot of nutrients that are good for us and can aid with a lot of skin or hair problems.

It can be used on all types of skin, even on a sensitive. I wouldn’t recommend it for acne and oily skin as it can cause breakouts. It’s a rich source of oleic acid and this is much better for dry skin types. Don’t get me wrong, you can still use olive oil on your body and hair even if you suffer from acne.

Olive oil minimizes and reduces fine lines, boosts blood circulating, moisturizes the skin, scalp, nails, and hair. It is useful all around and in case it hasn’t made your pantry yet, I hope the following reasons will convince you to give it a try (you can find an easy recipe below with olive oil).

Olive oil nutrition

Olive oil mainly consists of fatty acids, of which the 83% is oleic acid. Other but smaller amounts are linoleic acid and palmitic acid.

Olive oil also contains antioxidants (vitamin E) which protect the skin from the damage of the free radicals as well as the oxidative stress of skin cells.

Most importantly, high-quality olive oil contains squalane, which is responsible for the skin healing process, skin tissue repair when it comes to scars, stretch marks, skin protection and much more!

Olive oil skin and hair benefits

Olive oil has been used forever for cosmetic purposes. Either consume it internally or apply it topically: olive oil skin and hair benefits show either way and improve your hair health and take care of dry skin.

Improves skin health

With its anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidant levels, olive oil is a natural remedy when it comes to dealing with irritated skin or various skin problems, such as acne or even psoriasis.

Moisturizes skin

Look no further if you’re trying to switch to a natural skincare routine. Olive oil is most likely already in your pantry; why not give it a go and see if this liquid gold is something you could get used to. Olive oil is a perfect natural remedy for dry skin, because it moisturizes our skin, leaving it soft without any greasy residue.

A natural cleanser and makeup remover

Apply a few drops of olive oil to a cotton pad and remove the make-up from your eyes. Olive oil nourishes the skin and at the same time, you know that it’s free of any harmful ingredients. At the same time, it will also cleanse your skin, remove excess dirt and dissolve dead skin cells. Moreover, one more reason to use olive oil as a makeup remover is the following:

Has anti-aging properties

Yes, olive oil has anti-aging properties due to oleic acid and polyphenols (a type of antioxidants, they fight oxidative stress and possess strong anti-inflammatory properties). Olive oil hydrates the skin and preserves its elasticity. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin from the free radical damage.

Cracked heels

In case you have problems with cracked heels, olive oil should make it all better, by nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Massage a bit of oil on your heels before you go to bed, put on socks and go to sleep. Repeat every night, until the problem has disappeared.

Chapped and dry lips

Too windy outside and too cold? Use olive oil on your lips to restore their health and nourish them; apply before you go to bed and leave overnight (also, this way you won’t eat it all).

Natural shaving oil

Many people (although not too many) have written about substituting shaving creams with olive oil and it should work perfectly both for men and women. Apparently, according to some online opinions and claims (by men also), shaving with olive oil is faster, cleaner and it leaves the skin feeling smoother. In case you don’t want to use it instead of the shaving cream, you can always apply it as an after-shave.

Deep conditioner

For centuries, olive oil has been used as a natural hair conditioner, that leaves the hair soft, healthy and shiny.

Aids with dry scalp and dandruff

Olive oil moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, it aids when you have problems with dandruff. Massage olive oil onto your scalp; it will help to hydrate it and prevent dandruff with time.

Aids with frizzy hair

If you have curly hair like me, you must hate frizz as much as I do; frizz in the summer, frizz in the winter. Now, olive oil is here to save the day. With regular use of olive oil (forget about the commercial frizz tamers and products that promise miracles), the frizz should get under control. Olive oil has a thick consistency and…

Tames entangled and damaged hair

Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that heals damaged hair. Massage olive oil to your hair and ends, before or after washing your hair. Olive oil strengthens your hair, making it healthier.

Best olive oil for skin

There are dozens of olive oils on the market; seriously, it’s like a flood. You can easily get it anywhere you want. When buying, make sure to pay attention to the following conditions to get the best quality oil:

  • extra virgin
  • cold-pressed
  • nonGMO
  • unrefined

Only the oil that ticks all four lines is the one you should be safely applying to your skin and hair. After all, this is the oil of the highest quality with the most beneficial properties and nutrients that haven’t been ruined by processing it. My favorite olive oil to use is this one, but you can go with anything you know and trust. If you’re into soapmaking, check this one!

A simple olive oil DIY recipe

When using olive oil for any reason; be it dry scalp, split ends, irritated skin or simply because you can and want to, the thing is, it’s pretty much useful on its own. You can apply it on any area of your body that you wish to treat, because of the incredible olive oil skin and hair benefits. Just take a few drops to a few tablespoons of olive oil and apply it to your hair, to your feet, to your face.

In case, however, that you want to get more out of this healthy golden liquid, I prepared a homemade olive oil body scrub recipe. Just in case you’re feeling like you want to try something new this weekend. It’s simple and gorgeous!

Nutritious homemade olive oil body scrub

Made with only four ingredients, this homemade olive oil body scrub is something that I love (and I cannot stress that enough). This body scrub leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and silky. It’s absolutely beautiful and I adore it a lot. I’ve talked about this sort of thing before, have a look at my the post on body scrubs and their benefits.

Himalayan pink salt

As a natural detoxifier that nourishes the skin. One of the oldest forms of salt on the planet, its rich nutritious value contains 84 elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, amongst others. Himalayan salt detoxifies the body, stabilizes blood pressure and boosts blood circulation. But why is it pink? The higher the levels of iron in the salt, the pinker it is!

Olive oil

Anti-inflammatory, rich with antioxidants, olive oil is a natural remedy for damaged hair and dry skin.

Essential oil

You’re welcome to choose any oil to your preference. I chose grapefruit essential oil because I’m all about citruses lately. And, because grapefruit is very uplifting, boosts the immune system, as well as the lymphatic system. It has antiviral properties, relieves stress and anxiety. All in all, grapefruit essential oil is a great tonic for the body.


Rosewater is beneficial for our skin. I wrote a lot about rosewater here, but in a few words, rosewater has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It softens and soothes the skin, aids with acne, eczema, scars, and wounds. Rosewater is a natural skin toner and on top of it all, it smells divine!

Homemade olive oil body scrub recipe


  • 3 tablespoons Himalayan salt (finely ground)
  • 2 tablespoons EVOO
  • 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon rosewater


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a jar
  2. Get in the shower
  3. Apply your homemade olive oil body scrub thoroughly and slowly in small circular movements
  4. Rinse off and enjoy your new skin
  5. Wash the ground of the shower thoroughly, so that it’s not slippery anymore

Can I put olive oil on my face?

Yes, you can. I don’t recommend it though. There are man other carrier oils available. Olive oil makes a great ingredient for hair and body care, but I’d replace it with other carrier oils when it comes to facial care.

How can I use olive oil for glowing skin?

My tip? Add it to a body scrub; it’s affordable and effective. You can also add it to body butter (if you don’t mind the smell). It’s especially beneficial as after-sun body care; it helps to prolong the tan, giving you that lovely olive-brown tan (that’s purely based on my experience).

Is eating olive oil good for your skin?

Yes, it is! Have a look at this research that showed how eating olive oil minimizes photoaging. It’s not just that, high-quality olive oil feeds your body with nutrients, it’s rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and it’s also anti-inflammatory.

What’s your favorite use of olive oil? And what do you think of my homemade olive oil body scrub?

Stay Wild!

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