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Calendula Benefits & Uses: Health, Beauty & Kitchen

Calendula Benefits & Uses: Health, Beauty & Kitchen

Wild morning, pretties! How about some fire on your plate and in your garden? Yes? Go for calendula. Calendula officinalis, also known as the poor man’s saffron, that is. Its blossoms shine with bright and vivid shades of sunset, anywhere between yellow, orange and russet nuances, calendula officinalis has innumerable health and beauty benefits and it can be used both internally as well as externally.

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Top 10 Forgotten Wild Plants Native Americans used for their Health and Beauty Benefits

Top 10 Forgotten Wild Plants Native Americans used for Health and Beauty Benefits

Wild plants Native Americans used were many and diverse. Native Americans had a great respect for the Nature and the wild plants they included in their everyday life served either as a nutritional source of food, as a skin or a hair product. Sore throat? Dry skin? Simple cold? They had it covered. There are many wild plants Native Americans knew of that have been gaining popularity either in the beauty industry or in the superfood department only in the past few years. Herbal medicine is quite old and the beneficial attributes of the wild plants are incredible. Have a look at the top 10 wild plants Native American used, their health and beauty benefits and maybe you get an inspiration too!

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Avocado Benefits & Uses: Health, Beauty and Kitchen

homemade avocado skin and hair mask

Green gold aka avocados are something to consider when you’re thinking of a healthy and natural extensive care for your body. While it is popular to include avocado in your regular skin and hair care, it can do wonders in terms of health and skin complexion also when eating it. Rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, avocado health benefits just don’t stop there. Its history goes well beyond into the ancient times of the Aztecs with healing, hydrating and nourishing. I t has been considered one of nature’s healthies foods and it hasn’t been called green gold for no reason.

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Simple Sunday: peach + green tea Iskiate (chia fresca)

peach and green tea chia fresca drink

Iskiate or chia fresca is a citrus (lime or lemon) chia drink of the Tarahumara people in Northern Mexico. The word “chia” is a Mayan word for strength; the plant grows in South America and using chia seeds as a drink ingredient is popular in the Central America as well. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic for Hispanic parts of the world, that’s why a spoon of chia (un)intentionally ended up in my drink, as I’ve seen them do it in Bolivia. So here it is, my version of chia fresca for these hot summer days when we’re just too desperate for a refreshment.

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Stinging Nettles picking and keeping: where, how and why?

Wild morning to you. Green is good and stinging nettles are delicious! Have you ever tried it? Easy and simple to make this wild plant only makes trouble when it comes to picking it. It is worth it though since stinging nettle is loaded with vitamins and minerals as well as a perfect detox drink.

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Top 5 Fruit and Herb Infused Water Recipes

infused water recipes

Wild morning to you! Infused water season is here! Make a pitcher of an infused water at home with only a few ingredients. This way you can trick yourself into drinking more water, stay hydrated with only healthy combos! Choose from a mixtrure of herbs, spices and fruits. If you prefer, you can also make a lemonade and add extras to it, as I did the other day with Rosemary and Cucumber Infused Lemonade. A bit soury, but it does the trick.

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Mulberries: a rediscovered superfood to love

mulberry fruit, mulberries on a tree

Wild morning to you! Mulberries were once considered as a food of the poor. In Asia, they’ve been growing them for a cultivation of silkworms and my mom adds them to her smoothies regularly. The last information is completely irrelevant, but I’m just trying to share my excitement with you since the mulberries fall into a category of a newly discovered food I knew existed but I regularly ignored its presence.

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My first Chia Pudding: a simple guide.

mulberry chia pudding

Good morning to you. Chia pudding is a great substitute for all the sweet cravings you might get late in the afternoon. And believe me, I am the kind of person who gets sweet cravings all the time! As long as it’s chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, I can eat it with anything and everything at any occasion. Tons of fresh fruit is around the corner, as is summer, however, so honestly, I can’t afford to eat all the sweet treats this world has to offer in immense quantities. That’s why I’ve decided to join the sweet with the healthy and to finally give this mysterious chia pudding a try.

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Wild asparagus picking and keeping: where, how and why?

wild asparagus

Wild morning to you all! I decided that last week was the perfect time to go wild asparagus picking after all the spring rain and warm rays of sunshine. This healthy but a rather difficult plant to find was once believed to be an extremely strong aphrodisiac. It has been foraged for centuries and it adds a fresh and wild yet bitter taste to the dishes.

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In my bathroom: leg and feet clay detox.

clay detox for legs and feet

Good morning! Two days ago I started a feet and legs clay detox with powdered clay and clay lotion with wild chestnuts. And do you know what’s absolutely lovely? To wake up on a sunny day, smelling like lemongrass with your legs rested and rejuvenated.

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