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An instant relief: best essential oils for insect bites (+10 DIY bug bite recipes)

how to use best essential oils for insect bites

Honestly, summer may be coming to an end, but violent mosquitoes and harmful ticks are not. Also, wasps seem to love my lemonade and I’ve suffered through more than just… Read More

Amazing DANDELION health and skin benefits

dandelion health and skin benefits

You know those smallish yellow blossoms that many people consider weed? Well, that’s dandelion and you can make wonders with it. While dandelion health and skin benefits may be a… Read More

Forgotten MILK THISTLE health and skin benefits

milk thistle health and skin benefits

Here we are, another month, another plant of the month. And I dedicate this one to a natural liver elixir since it’s all about a spring body cleanse! Milk thistle… Read More

Spring body detox with wild garlic (and why should you)

wild garlic health benefits, wild garlic plant

The weather has changed which makes it a perfect opportunity for a quick spring body cleanse and detox. Wild garlic plant is one of those natural and organic ingredients that… Read More

Surprising WHITE WILLOW BARK health and skin benefits

white willow bark health and skin benefits

Wild morning to you! This month’s plant: white willow and its bark! Because the blooming plants are few and far between, I decided to dedicate the plant-of-the-month title to White… Read More

Amazing ALMOND health, skin, and hair benefits

almond benefits for skin

Wild morning! Almond benefits for skin, hair, health, and nails are many and very useful. Whether dealing with blackheads, irritated scalp or need a healthy snack, almond products are a… Read More

Time for a cleanse: 7 body detox symptoms + how to do it

body detox symptoms and how to detox

Hello! Since I’ve talked about a detox already, I decided to make a list of body detox symptoms, in other words, signs your body uses when it may be trying… Read More

Spirulina detox: 10 reasons to drink spirulina every day

spirulina detox smoothie

Wild morning! Going clean and restoring the mind and the body with natural and organic ingredients seemed a good way to boost my energy, which is why I started adding… Read More

Seaweed health benefits and uses: Beauty + Kitchen recipes

seaweed skin benefits

Being this month of January, everything is about detox. And I am as well, both mental and physical detox. Now, I’m not the one for new year resolutions, but if… Read More

Ginger health benefits and uses: Beauty + Kitchen recipes

ginger skin and hair benefits

Wild morning to you all! it is December and it is cold. Yes, rather freezing. That’s why I decided to dedicate this month’s plant title to…(drumroll): ginger! Yes, the lovely… Read More