Homemade recycled tin lantern guide for your summer terrace

homemade tin lantern diy guide

Wild morning to you! Luminous lanterns made out of recycled old tin cans? Let’s get to it! I’ve been in a serious DIY mood for the whole week already (if not more), so I’m presenting to you another project: a DIY guide on how to recycle tin cans. It’s as useful as the usefulness goes since it combines recycling, creativity, and home-improvement all in one.

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WfN June favourites: Weekend wishes + start of summer goals

weekend wishes

Every now and then I need to take a step back and just breathe a little. Don’t know about you, but losing the grip on reality is not so difficult to achieve. And then it all goes rollercoaster-like wild with life’s demands and expectations and I find myself wondering when it was the last time I’ve done something for myself by myself.

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Simple Sunday: Rosemary Cucumber Lemonade

rosemary cucumber lemonade, infused water, refreshment drink

Wild morning to you! Want to stay fresh and hydrated? So do I! That’s why I made cucumber lemonade this morning and I keep drinking it with everything. Also, I’ve gathered here a list of top 5 infused water recipes. I’m not saying that my lemonade isn’t good enough, I’m only saying that diversity is key!

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Animal testing and cruelty-free brands: use and avoid.

cruelty free, animal testing, organic

Wild morning to you! Today I’m going to introduce you a list of companies that do not test on animals and will try to persuade you to think twice the next time you buy a random body lotion, a dish soap or an air freshener.

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