Lime & Coconut Whipped Sugar Scrub Recipe

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Want to glow your skin with the best and super simple whipped sugar scrub recipe? For a touch of summer, we’re throwing lime essential oil into the mix, and with just a few whips, you can make yourself a creamy luscious lime &coconut whipped sugar scrub you’ll want to devour in one go (please, don’t eat it)!

With one simple trick, this scrub is shower safe (meaning it won’t leave it slippery) and it doesn’t need you to melt anything. Just whip and enjoy!

Ready? Let’s see why you need this scrub and how to make it!

lime and coconut whipped body scrub

Today, we’re making a very simple recipe with a new technique I have just recently came across. We’re making a whipped sugar scrub recipe and it’s gorgeous and fluffy and creamy. On top of it all? it leaves the skin decadently smooth, glowing, and soft. It’s perfect for summer!

The best part? We’re not melting anything today, just whipping (also known as cold whip)! I have seen people do this with body butters so I figured I’d give it a try with a sugar scrub as well. After all, there are only a few little differences between the two! Plus, using zero stove during hot summer days is a bonus!

One last thing, I love body scrubs, but I can’t stand the oily residue they leave just about everywhere, turning your bath/shower into a slippery danger zone. I love body scrubs but I’m not ready to die for them! That’s why I made this creamy summer goodness emulsified. That way it does its job excellently without leaving a death trap on the shower floor!

Another bonus? If you have oils and butters in your skincare pantry that are one the verge of going bad (and best-before date is approaching), throw them into a scrub if you can’t think of other ways to use them. I tend to do that a lot; in fact, that’s how shea butter ended up in this scrub!

Overall, this whipped sugar scrub is just plain gorgeous because…

Decadently creamy

Leaves the skin soft and glowing

Makes a great gift!

1000% vegan

Washes away with water

How do you make whipped sugar scrub?

Whipped sugar scrub is the same as the classic sugar scrub. The only difference is that we’re whipping it to give it a creamy and fluffy consistency. You don’t have to whip if you don’t want to, but in that case, you’ll have to melt the ingredients.

Now, here’s how we do it:

Weigh and combine shea butter with coconut oil (cut that block into smaller pieces, your life will be much easier!).

How do you make whipped sugar scrub

Then, we begin whipping until the oils form a mixture and get glossy and fluffy (you’ll notice the mixture getting whiter and fluffier). It should double or triple in size! When they’re nicely fluffed, add in Polysorbate 80 and whip again.

whipped sugar scrub recipe

Next, we’re stirring in sugar and essential oils. Then, we add mica and vitamin E oil. And then we package the whole thing (or go test it first!)

Lime & Coconut Whipped Sugar Scrub Recipe



  1. Weigh coconut oil and shea butter in a container (and cut the block of shea into small pieces)
  2. Take your hand mixer and begin whipping them; whip for 3 minutes, you’ll notice how the texture is changing
  3. Once they form soft smooth peaks and double in size, the concoction is ready to upgrade
  4. Weigh in Polysorbate 80 and whip (1-2 minutes)
  5. Weigh in sugar and essential oils and whip (1-2 minutes)
  6. Add mica and vitamin E oil, whip for a minute or so. Then, you’re probably done!
  7. Package the scrub into a 150g container
  8. To use, scoop a smallish amount of the scrub from the container and put it into a shower-safe cup to bring into the shower (and leave this main batch somewhere dry and safe from water and humidity). This recipe is preservative-free, so water can cause mold and bacteria to grow in the scrub.


  1. You can substitute lime essential oil for another one (but then this won’t be a lime&coconut body scrub!)
  2. You can use complete emulsifying wax instead of Polysorbate 80 but you’ll probably have to redo the measurements
  3. Mica powder is optional
  4. This body scrub doesn’t contain any preservatives, so keep it somewhere dry, away from water and humidity. You could add oil-soluble preservative into the mix if you want to or if you’ll be gifting this

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    1. Love this recipe! However, for some reason Polysorbate 80 is no longer available for me to purchase. Is there any similar ingredient you could recommend? Thanks so much.

      • Hey Sally, thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it :). Well, you could try substituting it with emulsifying wax. I’m not sure it would work and you’ll probably have to adjust the amounts of the emulsifier, but I’ve seen many others do it this way. Hope this helps. Be sure to keep me updated if you give it a go, would love to hear the results!

    2. Hi
      Sounds like a wonderful recipe, can you use a clay in place of mica for color ?

      • Hi Kim, thank you :). I don’t see why not. I’ve tried it with clay and it’s lovely, so go ahead! Happy crafting, Kat

    3. Lauren M.

      LOVE THIS RECIPE!!! I tripled the recipe, it was so good. It’s exactly what I have been looking to make. It’s great! Thank you so much. 🙂

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