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Wild morning to you! Yes, you, reading this post and the previous one and the next one. This precious development of mine, namely Wild for Nature has celebrated its first Happy New Year and therefore I decided to give you thumbs up and say a simple and kind thank you! And, naturally, inform you about my new plans regarding vegan DIY cosmetics, organic lifestyle and all thing beautiful.

This is a more of an inspirational post than anything else, so if you’re looking for a helpful information on certain plant’s benefits or another DYI cosmetics recipe, you’re reading the wrong post. But! Please, do go on, because since we’re talking here, I have some questions that need answering, and I’d like you to do it.

If you are an old visitor, then you must have some idea about how my blog works. In this case, I have to say that I am very grateful that you pop by now and again and I certainly hope that you find it interesting, entertaining and informative (these are some long words for a simple gal like me!) If you’re a newcomer, welcome. I hope you stay long enough to have a quick look around.

How does this blog work?

There are five categories on the blog (Beauty, Health, Food, DIY, Inspiration) and hopefully, every one of you can find something for themselves; be it plants, DIY, natural remedies or perhaps some tips and tricks. I need to inform you that I’m making slight changes…there is a FOOD category, but since I’m not the best cook, I’ll let this one go and eventually remove it. It’s not like it’s popular and there are many very good vegan food blogs out there. Food’s not my thing, really. I’m planning on focusing more on vegan DIY cosmetics and vegan homemade skincare.

Plant of the month

As you all (may) know, I publish an article: Plant of the Month, every first Tuesday of each month. So far, we’ve had:

Now I want to get you guys involved. I don’t want this to be a solely one-sided conversation (okay, call it a monologue), of me myself and I.

I need to pick January’s plant of the month. And then February, and so on. I would like you to suggest a new plant that you wish to read and know more about. If there is anything that you’re curious to know, and want me to write about it, please, just say so! You can leave a comment below, or contact me on any social media. I appreciate every thought!

Vegan DIY cosmetics

vegan DIY cosmetics

Another thing: have you tried any of the simple DIY recipes? I want to hear from you: what do you think, was it easy, did it all work out for you? Do you have questions about ingredients? About DIY skincare products and recipes? Do you want to know how to make a simple vegan homemade lip balm or a make-up remover? Nope? Yes? I’d like you to tell me. It’s not that simple, finding vegan DIY cosmetics online since a lot of recipes include dairy products or honey at least. That’s why I want to make this a safe haven, a place where we all can go and browse without worries, for new ideas and projects.

Share, comment or like

I invite you to read my About page if you haven’t yet. why? Well, apart from the fact that I wrote a long about-me-and-my-blog post (I tend to ramble at times), you can also find the crucial points that this blog stands for:

  1. All things natural and organic
  2. Environmental care
  3. Vegan, cruelty-free
  4. Knowledge is power
  5. Feeling beautiful

There, I have just recapped the main points, so you can skip the about page. What I want to say is this: if you like my blog, if you stand for the same ideas I stand for, if you believe they are important in improving our lives and the world, I will ask you to share my blog, please. Share a post, or comment or like, whatever you feel like doing. I believe we need to support each other and these ideas that improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Last words of wisdom

Everything I post on my blog, I have tried before. Meaning, I have personal experience with certain plants, recipes, and ingredients. My knowledge grows on a daily basis, slow but steady. But that means that I am more than willing to discover something new, either an ingredient or a plant. I want this blog to become an even bigger part of the DIY cosmetics community, a bigger part of the organic lifestyle and packed with beauty tips you find useful and positive.

Thank you for sticking around and thank you for reading!

Stay Wild!

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