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5 Homemade Exfoliating Body Scrub Recipes: Nourish Your Skin Now!

Homemade exfoliating scrub for body

Have you even wondered how can I exfoliate my skin at home? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own homemade exfoliating scrub for body!

I promise, it’s easy. Very easy. Now you don’t have to look at the pretty pictures of creamy and foamy body scrubs on the internet, you can make one yourself right now!

Plus, the incredible benefits you can reap from a regular body scrub are incredible, especially now, when fall is coming and your skin will need that extra kick of nourishment.

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Creamy and Soothing DIY Aftershave Balm for Men (sensitive skin)

DIY Aftershave Balm for Men

Hello there! Today we’re making a soothing DIY aftershave balm for men! I know we have some male readers and I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you for such a long time! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the recipe!

I also know that we, the girls, like to make homemade skincare for the males in our lives as well- be it a brother, a boyfriend, a father, and a husband. So, you can make yourself or your man happy with this recipe.

Let’s get to it!

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DIY recipes gone wrong: how to fail gloriously at homemade skincare

failed homemade skincare recipes

Morning! Normally, it’s all about pretty pictures of purple clay, fragrant essential oils, and creamy body butters. That’s where we all get inspiration from, isn’t it? By looking at a gorgeous photo of a lip gloss which is so easy to make, you surely want to make one just like it yourself!

Well, how about the bad side of homemade skincare that almost no one talks about? All the failed projects and the combinations gone wrong? There’s plenty of that too, only in the background, hidden from your eyes. Honestly, who wants to look at the miserable mold facial scrubs, stinky body washes, and unappealing gray photos of failed experiments?

I figured that you might! That’s why I decided that it’s about time to share my top 6 homemade recipes gone wrong!

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All Natural Homemade Deodorant with Bentonite Clay (it works!)

homemade deodorant with bentonite clay

Looking for a perfect homemade deodorant that wouldn’t irritate your armpits? Are you annoyed by all the baking soda recipes you seem to stumble upon everywhere?

Well, I’ve got some great news for you! today, we’re making homemade deodorant with bentonite clay and it actually really works!

Natural, no baking soda, no arrowroot powder, and no nasty ingredients.

Ready? Let’s make a fragrant and smooth bentonite clay deodorant!

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A simple DIY: gorgeous homemade Mother’s day DIY Beauty Box

mother's day DIY

Let’s face it: beauty boxes are a very popular and who doesn’t love them? I got a few of them myself, and it’s always such a treat! With a mother’s day right around the corner, I figured that a mother’s day DIY beauty box might just be the thing to try right now! There are 5 fragrant and gorgeous DIY recipes that your mom (or a fellow mom) will definitely adore!

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Homemade micellar water: non-toxic skin cleanse!

Homemade micellar water

Wild morning pretties! Today, we’re making homemade micellar water, a completely natural and vegan cleanser, moisturizer, and a toner.

I have a few favorites when it comes to skin cleansing, and my DIY micellar water is definitely one of them. This recipe is very very easy to make, yet non-toxic, no alcohol, and I promise that it smells divine and it does the trick! Let’s get to it!

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Vegan DIY cosmetics: an introduction to homemade cosmetics

vegan DIY cosmetics

Wild morning! As promised in my ramblings and new year resolutions, I’m starting the month of January with one of many posts on vegan DIY cosmetics, which will include guides on ingredients, various tips, and recommendations. But before we get into any detail, let me begin with an introductory post on why homemade natural skincare.

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A simple DIY: Vegan chocolate anti-aging face mask

vegan chocolate anti-aging face mask

Wild morning, guys! How about a thing: I’ve had some weird cravings lately: all I want is avocados, chocolate, and orange juice. I’m in the middle of a green detox and apparently, my body is trying to tell me something. But, because of these cravings, I decided to stuff some goodies on my face as well, and not only on my plate: this beautiful vegan chocolate anti-aging face mask. Why? Have a look!

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A simple guide: DIY nutritious whipped body butter (no beeswax)

A simple guide nutritious whipped body butter

Good morning! Winter stated biting my nose and tips of my fingers, so I figured it would be high time for some homemade winter skincare. And so I made a nutritious and delicious whipped body butter which is the easiest thing ever, if you bother to take thirty minutes for yourself to make it.

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Top 5 homemade activated charcoal masks for detox and skincare routine

top 5 vegan activated charcoal recipes for your detox routine

Honestly, activated charcoal has been getting more and more popular and I figured it’s about high time to jump on the wagon and see for myself what the fuss is all about. I’ve gathered 5 vegan activated charcoal DIY recipes that you can make at home in no time.

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