What Is The Best Blackhead Remover In 2023? – Wands, Masks, And Tools

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The fact is that blackheads can be severely annoying. They cause unstoppable fury and make us attack them with dead-cold persistence and our fingers. But by doing so, you do more harm than good for your skin. Let’s be honest, it’s tempting to poke them. But that can result in irritation, more blackheads, and even scarring!

Luckily, there are tools that can help you remove blackheads safely, effectively, and from the comfort of your home. After a long and detailed research, testing, reading reviews, and recommendations, I’ve put together a list of the best blackhead remover products!

Let’s have a look at what is the best blackhead remover and help you save the pain of dealing with them once and for all!

You may have heard of lonove and xikeo, but we’re not talking about those two blackhead removers today (tried one of them and wasn’t impressed). We’re looking at their competition and a few tools I tested and tried (and continue to use to this day).

Best blackhead remover tools

Essia Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand – Top Pick

Essia | Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand.

A handy electric wand that combines three features in one, Essia Wand is a potent little machine that’ll keep your pores clean and your skin tight and smooth.

Unlike many vacuum tools, Essia comes with 3 different features that provide complete support for your skin. To be honest, I was skeptical when I first tried it because I didn’t believe a machine could really clear pores, and effectively remove both blackheads, and exfoliate dead skin cells. After a couple of weeks of regular use, I was able to notice the difference on my skin. It became smoother, softer, and the gross things, lurking in my skin, are effectively removed with ease.

Apart from that, it also lifts and tightens the skin, helping to reduce fine lines at the same time! Let’s face it, the product seems a bit pricey (that’s what made me skeptical about it too), but it became a must in my skincare routine. Now I don’t have to spend money on nose patches and ineffective products that never worked as effectively. Plus, it costs less than going to a spa!

Make sure to remove all makeup, wash, and cleanse your face before using it. I like to apply a bit of rosewater just before I turn it on. It’s also excellent to use it after facial steam.

Feel free to look at the video below to see how to use it and its results:


  • Removes dirt, blackheads, and impurities
  • Lifts and tightens skin
  • Minimizes fine lines
  • Suitable for men
  • Promotes soft and smooth skin
  • 3 different modes (exfoliate, moisturize, lift)
  • Suitable to use for sensitive skin
  • Cruelty-free
  • USA made
  • 30,000 vibrations per second
  • Wireless charging


  • Takes a while to notice anti-aging results

Ultimate Skin Spa – Facial Cleansing System – Best Facial Brush

Ultimate Skin Spa | Facial Cleansing System.

If you’re trying to cut down the costs and make your own spa at home, this Facial Cleansing Brush is an excellent option. It comes with three different brushes, suitable for daily use, sensitive skin, and gentle deep exfoliation, that help to minimize outbreaks, acne, and pimples, caused by impurities, dirt, and dead skin cells.

This cleansing brush combo takes your facial washing process to a whole new level; it removes all the unnecessary and acne-causing build-up, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and glowing. The handheld brush comes with dual speed; all you have to do it apply your favorite cleanser.

The combination of brushes and techniques can effectively remove smaller pimples, tone the skin, and provide a thorough scrub cleanse.


  • Removes pimples
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Promotes soft, smooth, and clear skin
  • 3 different brushes
  • 3 colors available
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Battery-powered


  • Slow shipping

Microderm Mini Diamond Suction Tool – Best Pore Vacuum Tool

If a facial wand isn’t your thing, this pore vacuum machine is a solid option. It is clinically proven to provide excellent results and it’s suitable for all skin types. This machine is an easy and affordable option to bring the spa into your home and get healthy, glowing skin, free of blackheads.

Microderm Mini promotes soft, smooth, and clear skin. It takes a few weeks to start noticing results, but it’ll help you stay on top of your skincare easily. Their user guide could be much more specific (so some YouTubing is essential to get the process right), but it’s a good suction tool that removes black heads effectively with a diamond microdermabrasion tool.

For best effects, cleanse your face completely before using it.


  • Diamond tool
  • Helps to tighten skin
  • Improves complexion
  • Cleanses and removes impurities
  • Minimizes pores
  • Travel-friendly


  • Clumsy design

Other best blackhead removers

Apart from the machines listed above, there are a few other ways to remove blackheads. you can choose from the following two:

Facial masks

Facial masks can easily be whipped up at home on a budget. Optionally, you can also buy them but commercial and budget-friendly products may contain not-the-safest ingredients. Some of the most popular blackhead facial masks are definitely peel-off masks, normally deep-cleansing with activated charcoal. What’s more, these masks can also be pricey as you’ll need a generous application and one tube (for about 3-4 applications) normally costs about $10-15.

Blackhead remover extractor tools

These tools help remove blackheads and acne in a simple way. After you open up the pores with warm water and a warm face cloth, gently press down the tool on one side of the blackhead and move it across.

These tools are used manually and are an affordable way to remove blackheads although the method takes a lot of time especially if you’re dealing with a plague of blackheads. The plus is that these tools are very affordable and they’re easy to use and clean.

On the negative side, they can leave red marks on the skin when used too roughly. What’s more, some users reported their skin getting worse after using these tools. I haven’t used them long enough to personally say whether these claims are accurate or not (I switched to the electronic remover above), but the tools can be effective if you’re careful and know what you’re doing. Keep in mind that some may rust!

You can basically get any extractor you want as long as it’s designed to tackle blackheads and acne. If you’re wondering, this comedone extractor tool is currently one of the most popular on the market.

FAQ on Blackheads

What are blackheads?

According to dermatologists, blackheads are black bumps that you notice on your skin. They’re essentially a mixture of dead skin cells and dried oil (sebum), which clog the pores. They’re not dirt; the mix turns black because of the oxidation. They’re a form of mild acne but can also appear on other parts of the body.

What are whiteheads?

Unlike blackheads, which are open comedones (acne lesions), whiteheads are closed comedones.

What is the best blackhead remover? – A Recap

Blackheads are small bumps on the skin that turned black because of oxidation. They’re a mixture of sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells, and they’re unpleasant to look at. What’s more, they’re actually a form of mild acne and can appear on the back and on the head too, now just your face.

As you can see from the list above, there are many different ways to remove blackheads from the skin; a tool, a vacuum machine, a facial mask, a brush.

Using a facial mask (with an occasional scrub) is one of the ways to go about the problem, but it’s not the only and most effective way to remove them. Facial masks also help to cleanse, detoxify the skin, removing dirt and impurities. If you’re a skilled DIYer, you can also make these masks at home. I’d recommend that you pair facial masks with another tool that would help you eliminate the problems with blackheads even further.

There is an option for comedone extractor tool, a manual tool that you gently pull over the skin, removing blackheads as you go along. These can be beneficial or not as results can vary from one user to another. I’ve only tried them for a bit but, being a lazy creature, dropped it eventually as it was too manual and required too much time.

The last option is a blackhead remover machine. There are many of these available for all budgets. All of the machines listed above have a high rating of satisfied users and you can’t go wrong with choosing any of them. However, if I had to pick one that gave me the best results (and still does), it would definitely be Essia Ultrasonic Exfoliating Wand.

Essia wand is electric with wireless charging. It removes blackheads effectively, but it can also exfoliate the skin, removing dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities. What’s more, it can also light and tighten the skin so that the face appears naturally more glowing, toned, and healthy. Keep in mind that it takes a few weeks to really notice the effects, but I was amazed to notice how much gunk it was able to remove from my skin.

Additionally, Essia wand is quite easy to use and it’s also cruelty-free and designed in the USA. It’s suitable for men as well and it gives good results for nose too, just make sure to clean the top after each use. For best effects, cleanse your skin completely before using; I like to apply a bit of rosewater before I use it.

What’s your trick to keeping blackheads off your face? Let me know in the comments below!

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