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Melissa & Bentonite DIY face mask for oily skin

diy face mask for oily skin

I whipped this DIY face mask for oily skin the other day when I really wanted a hydrating yet exfoliating and cleansing face mask. After a long, ridiculously long day… Read More

Camellia & Rosewood Repair Serum

vegan repair serum

Welcome to Camellia and Rosewood vegan repair serum! We’re making a simple concoction that I came to love and can’t keep my hands off (it is my third time making… Read More

Rose and Lemongrass Homemade Daily Face Wash

rose and lemongrass homemade daily face wash

Good morning lovelies! Are you ready for something fragrant that you can make in no time? I mean, I love this homemade daily face wash. I absolutely love it, and… Read More

A guide: Oil cleansing method recipes (why should you?)

oil cleansing method recipes

How about an oil cleansing method? Have you ever tried any oil cleansers? Well, I believe you should at least give it a try. At least for a week or… Read More

Argan oil for acne & acne scars: a natural solution for skin conditions

best argan oil for acne

What if I told you there is a luxurious oil that can help you soothe and reduce your acne problem? After all, the ancient African queens and kings of Morocco… Read More

Creamy and Soothing DIY Aftershave Balm for Men (sensitive skin)

DIY Aftershave Balm for Men

Hello there! Today we’re making a soothing DIY aftershave balm for men! I know we have some male readers and I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you for such a long… Read More

Top 10 bentonite clay face mask recipes for any skin problem (#6 is my fave)

bentonite clay face mask recipes

Looking for a (vegan) bentonite clay face mask? You’ve come to the right place! Bentonite clay has incredible healing properties, but most bentonite clay mask recipes lack imagination. I know… Read More

Clay 101: white kaolin clay skin benefits – solution for sensitive skin

white kaolin clay skin benefits

A super sensitive skin means you need to be super careful about everything you put on your face. Luckily, there are many types of clay. Dry skin, you say? Let’s… Read More

Buriti oil skin benefits: The exotic fountain of youth

buriti oil skin benefits

Forget argan oil, I’ve got a treat for you today. It’s all you could want in an oil. It’s exotic, rejuvenating, and soothing. Best of all, it makes your skin… Read More

Tired skin DIY: purple clay face mask with hemp seed oil

purple clay face mask

You know, those days when you look yourself in the mirror and your skin is screaming at you: feed me! I’m tired! You know, I know. I hate those days… Read More