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Top 10 bentonite clay face mask recipes for any skin problem (#6 is my fave)

bentonite clay face mask recipes

Looking for a (vegan) bentonite clay face mask? You’ve come to the right place!

Bentonite clay has incredible healing properties, but most bentonite clay mask recipes lack imagination. I know that apple cider vinegar is very beneficial for the skin, but there has to be more to a face mask than just two ingredients, right?

Have a look at this list of my all-time favorite bentonite clay face mask recipes. I’m sure you’ll find something to your taste. The best thing about it is that they’re all natural and made with only vegan ingredients!

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Clay 101: white kaolin clay skin benefits – solution for sensitive skin

white kaolin clay skin benefits

A super sensitive skin means you need to be super careful about everything you put on your face. Luckily, there are many types of clay. Dry skin, you say? Let’s talk about white kaolin clay!

Unlike its relative, the bentonite clay, kaolin clay comes with all the benefits of a clay, but none of the drying effects! Are you ready for a natural gentle cleanse that will bring back a healthy glow to your face?

I’ve gathered all kaolin clay skin benefits that I could find. Let’s see what this white powder can do for you!

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Buriti oil skin benefits: The exotic fountain of youth

buriti oil skin benefits

Forget argan oil, I’ve got a treat for you today. It’s all you could want in an oil. It’s exotic, rejuvenating, and soothing. Best of all, it makes your skin look and feel amazing!

Anti-aging? Solved. Inflammation? Solved. Dry skin? Solved. Yes, this natural moisturizing amazon oil is magic and soon it’ll go worldwide.

All the way from the heart of South America, I give you the luscious oil extracted from the tree of life itself!

Let’s talk about buriti fruit oil and what this Amazonian oil can do for you! All you need to know about buriti oil skin benefits, see why you should add it to your skincare regimen today! Ready to cure it all? Let’s get started!

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Tired skin DIY: purple clay face mask with hemp seed oil

purple clay face mask

You know, those days when you look yourself in the mirror and your skin is screaming at you: feed me! I’m tired!

You know, I know. I hate those days as much as you do.

To give you an easy boost, I’ve made up an easy recipe that you can make in no time:

five ingredients, you, me, and the clay magic!

Let’s get started with this purple clay face mask to boost your skin!

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Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub benefits: detox your skin

himalayan salt scrub

Morning, you wild things! Let’s talk about pink Himalayan salt scrub benefits today! Yes, the small pink crystals that are said to be the most beneficial type of salt available!

While there’s not enough research to back up the claims, Himalayan salt has been praised by many. Let’s have a look at how you can benefit from it today.

Make sure to check the three scrub recipes with this pink salt below!

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Easy Sewing Project for Beginners: DIY Makeup Bag with Recycled Scrap Fabric

DIY Makeup Bag

Hey guys! I’m happy to present our guest post today from Jennifer Hines over at Beenies and Weenies! Jennifer shares a ton of tips, free patterns, and many other goodies on her blog, make sure to check it out along with her crochet catalog, and her own content marketing business! Inspirational! Enjoy the read!

I have a confession to make. I am a craft materials hoarder. I just don’t like throwing things away even if I’ve already used it. This especially applies to scrap yarn and fabric. I have drawers that are spilling over with this stuff for “just in case” scenarios where I might need an emergency piece of scrap fabric. And I just realized that this is becoming a problem.

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Which oil is best for dark circles? Find out with this ultimate guide!

which oil is best for dark circles

Troubled by dark circles? Do you look like a panda but not in a cute way?

A common phenomenon, they may be. The Royalty has them. Your boss has them. And now you do too. The fact is that dark circles are an annoyance. They’re like a bad memory, sticking around all the time!

That’s why I am going to help you eliminate your problem with this thorough guide on which oil is best for dark circles.

Click to see more tips on to eliminate dark circles naturally and how to use the best oils for dark circles regularly!

Let’s get to it!

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DIY cooling body mist for summer: freshen up naturally

cooling body mist for summer

Is summer in full swing and you’re constantly looking for a refreshment? Are the standard perfumes too heavy? Well, how about a cooling spray with natural ingredients?

Today we’re making cooling body mist for summer! Refreshing and soothing, this is a must-have! My skin loves it, the essential oils just add the extra kick!

(PS: of course aloe vera is in there! what kind of a summer spray would it be without it?!)

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7 best essential oils for sunburn: cure your skin naturally

Think summer! What’s the first thing to pop into your head? Warm nights? Refreshing cocktails? Well, what about potential skin damage? I know, I just killed the romance (sorry for that!).

During the summer our skin needs extra attention. We all know that sunburn is both bad for the skin and also very discomforting.

Still, no matter how careful we are, sometimes sunburn happens. And to soothe the irritated skin, we’ll talk about best essential oils for sunburn!

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A manly DIY: Personalized Father’s Day Gifts (in a gift box!)

personalized father's day gifts

Looking for a creative yet personalized father’s day gifts? Have a look at these 5 easy homemade skincare recipes for men you can make yourself. Make a vintage father’s day gift box and spread some love and creativity to the special men in your life! Looking for original father’s day presents? Try to make this father’s day gift box!

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